How to Lose Chest Fat for Men Fast

burn chest fat to chest absWhen looking at a man, the chest tells a lot about his physique.  Women will judge how sexy a man is by feeling or just looking at his chest muscles. Nothing makes a man sexy like a firm and well chiseled chest. Unwanted chest fat for men can give you stress. You are not alone; there are over 30% of men all over the world with too much fat on the chest. It gives you a puffy look and makes some of them lose self confidence. It is not the kind of a body that you want to show off to women and it can affect your sexual life.


You can choose to undergo surgery to remove the fat or use some supplements to accelerate fat burning supplements. However, the best way to remove chest fat for men permanently is through exercises. Here are some of the weight exercises you can use to get that lean upper body.


Dumbbell chest press

This is a wonderful exercise for the upper body. It helps men to avoid building too much and instead reduce fat in the chest.  You should do between 15 and 20 repetitions per session. Your angle when doing the exercise should be straight, incline and decline angles.


Push ups

Push up exercise is a great way to lose chest fat. This form of work out may not help you build up muscles like other gym exercises, but it gives lean muscles and you feel strong. Alternate push-ups with the feet elevated, straight push ups and push-ups with the hands raised; these exercises will give you full work out on the upper body.   


Chest flies

Chest flies are different from push ups and chest press. It involves cross over motion, but it has to be combined with other exercises to give you desired results.  Make it part of your exercises as it makes your chest muscles exercises complete.


Barbell chest Press

This form of exercise is similar to dumbbell chest press. It is very effective and will help you shed off chest fat. You can combine it with exercises to give you positive results


These are just some of the upper body exercises. You can combine all of them and include other exercises that your trainer may suggest. You should also watch your diet as eating the wrong food can hinder the loss of bad fat in the upper body.   You trainer will tell you the foods to avoid and remember to increase the intake of water. Greasy foods and lots of carbs at night should not be part of your diet. Change your lifestyle as whole and you will maintain a lean chest that will make you look attractive and also help you in preventing diseases caused by cholesterol in the body.

The above points have shown you how to lose chest fat for men fast in a safe yet effective way that does take some effort but can get some excellent results.