Should a New AC System be Serviced?

Should a New AC System be Serviced?

When does a new AC System Need a Tuneup?

My Air Conditioning System is Brand-new & Under Warranty — it shouldn’t already need a tune-up, right?

If you’ve just spent a fortune replacing your old heating and air conditioning system with a brand new unit and your maintenance company is insisting you need a tuneup every six months. Your first reaction may be WHAT?

Followed closely by the thought your maintenance company is trying to get into your wallet unnecessarily. After all, your last system lasted years, and it didn’t get two tune-ups a year.

Seems like sound logic, except it’s really not. Even if your AC system has only been in place for a single season, it’s no longer “brand new” and needs to be looked at.

My Car is Brand New – It Doesn’t Need any Maintenance!

This a great example of our broken mentality that if something is new, it’s infallible. A new car is often one of the largest significant purchases one can make. (Your new system will come in around 3rd) You will absolutely need to have regular maintenance performed at least twice a year – if you drive quite a lot you’ll want to double that – starting with the very first year! It may seem like alot, but it’s more than worth it when you depend on your car!

Most people don’t even question maintaining their vehicle. We’ve been trained since we were young that owning a car meant regular oil changes, tire-rotation, and having fluids checked. We know it’s necessary and important to protect our investment and ensure the car continues to run well.

Now consider this… we run our AC systems all season, all day and all night. That’s much more than we would drive our cars for the season, so why wouldn’t we think to maintain our air conditioner as diligently?

It may be that we suffer from the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality with some things. Unfortunately, with AC systems this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you don’t maintain your system properly, you may find yourself suffering the heat with a broken down AC before you know it.

All AC Manufacturers Recommend Maintenance Twice a Year

You would be challenged to find a manufacturer that doesn’t recommend a maintenance schedule including at least 2 visits a year. Most important, examine your warranty agreement and determine if your warranty depends on your ability to offer documentation proving you have had regular maintenance performed on your AC system.

Establishing a relationship with a service company will work in your favor, as they will document service visits and what exactly was done, thereby protecting the validity of your warranty.

A Well Maintained AC System will Last Longer and Perform more Consistently

Generally speaking, those that don’t have regular maintenance performed on their AC system actually spend more on their system than those that have a maintenance contract. Most of that expense is the cost of replacing a system that has experienced a catastrophic failure.. because it wasn’t well maintained.

Obviously, there are more variables in play than simply comparing upkeep vs. absence of upkeep, yet it makes sense that this variable played a huge part in the result.

The Bottom Line on Regular Maintenance

Whether you set up a maintenance contract with a service company, or just schedule air conditioner maintenance on your own, it’s obvious that you’ll save both money and the life of your unit to ensure it gets done.